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Networking From Home

While at home or traveling and need to access resources such as the CVM Internal Web, you can accomplish this through the WSU VPN Gateway.

Things to check before connecting:

  1. make sure Java is installed.  You can get Java or verify you have it by going to
  2. Use only Internet Explorer or Safari.  Edge, Chrome, etc... do not work with Java

Note: This access method only works off campus, trying to set it up on campus will not work

To access the WSU VPN Gateway(SSL VPN) client, please visit the following:

WSU Security Notes
  • Active SSL VPN connections must never be left unattended
  • Always disconnect an active SSL VPN connection when finished with a session
  • Connections which remain idle (no interaction) for 30 minutes, will be automatically disconnected. Login again to reconnect
  • WSU recommends the use of local host firewalls for enhanced security
  • Computers should have the latest service packs, critical updates, and security patches before connecting to the SSL VPN
  • Antivirus software must be enabled with up-to-date virus definitions installed