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Office 365 FAQ

How do I access my Office 365?

Access to your Office 365 account and available applications such as Email, Calendaring, Powerpoint go to

Also, a full version of Microsoft Office is available to download for your personal PC and/or Mac.

Install for Windows
  • Log in to and using your WSU network ID and password.
  • Installation guide Here
Install for Mac
  • Log in to and using your WSU network ID and password.  
  • Installation guide Here

I am getting a 'Connect to Server Error', now what?

Double check your account settings on your mobile device or OUTLOOK if you are having difficulties setting up your Office 365 Email on your devices

  • Server:
  • User Name: OR outlook.office365\
  • Password: WSUNID password
  • Domain: (If it asks)
  • Secure Auth Type: SSL
How can I change my Display Name, Username, or Location?

Change WSUNID(username):

User(s) MUST contact COUGTECH directly; we recommend via phone; 335-HELP(4357)

Change Display Name:

Many applications at WSU provide a Display name as a friendlier way of announcing who you are instead of just your email address.  For whatever reason, if you would like to update your display name for applications like myWSU...

  1. log in to MyWSU
  2. click on the drop down arrow on the Main Menu
  3. click on WSU->Change Nickname

Don't forget to click 'Verify & Submit Change Request'
The change should go into effect within one business day. 

Change Outlook Title/Room/Office phone#:

User(s) CANNOT edit this information on their own.  Their Departmental staff MUST do this for them thru Workplace Update.

How do I create/recreate my Signature?
Create Mail Signature                                                  
EmailSignatureGenerator Available For Your Convenience
In Web Client
  • Click Settings (gear icon) and then click Mail in the right panel.
  • In the left panel, navigate to Mail > Layout > Email signature.
  • Create your email signature and then click Save.
In Outlook Client
  • Choose File | Options Mail and then click on the Signatures button.
  • Click the New button on the Signatures and Stationery window.
  • Enter a name for your new signature and click OK.
  • Enter any text in the Edit signature text box that will not change. You may also change the message font and style if you would like.  Note: You must set default signatures for new messages and replies/forwards
  • Click the OK button to return to the Options menu.
  • Click the OK button to close the Options menu.
In Outlook for Mac
  • On the Outlook menu, click Preferences.
  • In the Email section, click Signatures.
  • Click the plus sign (+),   double-click Untitled, and enter a name for the signature.
  • In the Signature pane on the right, enter the text for the signature.
  • Choose a default signature for new messages and replies/forwards if you wish.
  • Close the Signatures window.


Please contact the VIS Technical Resource Group at or 509-335-0101 with any questions or concerns that you have.

How do I set Automatic Reply (Formerly Out-Of-Office Assistant)?
In Outlook Client
  • click New Email
  • Fill in the Subject field and the content of the email field that you'd like to be sent as an AutoReply
  • Click FileSave As, and under the "Save as type:" drop down menu, select Outlook Template (*.oft).
  • Note: do note change the destination of the file. Leave it wherever it defaults
  • Close out of the email that you've created and do not save it when exiting
In Web Client


  • Choose Settings  > Options > Organize email > Automatic replies.
How do I create Inbox Rules?
Create Inbox Rules
In Web Client
  • go to
  • enter your and password
  • At the top of the page, select Settings > Options.
  • In Options, select Organize email > Inbox rules. Or, in Options, under MAIL > Automatic processing, select Inbox rules.
In Outlook Client
  • Select File | Manage Rules & Alerts.
  • Click on the New Rule button.
  • Locate the "Step 1: Select a template" box.
  • Under the section labeled "Start from a blank rule", select Apply rule on messages I receive.
  • Click Next.
  • In the "Which condition(s) do you want to check?" box,check the box with specific words in the subject.
  • In the "Edit the Rule Description" box below, click on specific words.
  • In the "Specify words or phrases to search for in this subject" window, type the text to search for. 
  • Click the Add button. Click OK. Click Next.
  • Check the box to the left of the action you wish to perform on this message. In this example, you would check the box to the left of move it to a specified folder.
  • In the "Edit the Rule Description" box below, click on specified.
  • In the "Choose a folder" dialog box, select an already existing folder or create a new one.
  • Click Next at the "Are there any exceptions?" box.
  • Specify a name for this filter. It does not matter what you call it. This is just so you can tell it apart from other filters you may create. Make certain that the box to the left of Turn on this rule is checked.
  • Click Finish | OK.
Import/Export Inbox Rules
  • Click the File tab.
  • Click Manage Rules & Alerts.
  • Click Options.

Do one of the following:

  • Import rules   
  • Click Import Rules.
  • Select the rules file that you want to import.
  • If you want to import a file that contains rules other than those in the Rules and Alerts Wizard, such as rules that are compatible with previous versions of Microsoft Outlook, click the file type in the Files of type list.
  • Click Open.


  • Export rules   
  • Click Export Rules.
  • Select the folder where you want to save the rules file, and then In the File name box, type a name for the set of rules that you want to export.
  • If you want to export a file that contains only rules that are compatible with a previous version of Microsoft Outlook, in the Save as type list, select one of the following:
  • Click Save.
How do I share my Office 365 Inbox?
Setting Inbox/Folder Sharing
In Web Client
  • go to
  • enter your and password
  • right click on Inbox
  • select Permissions
  • click the + sign button to Add
  • select the person you wish to give permission to from the address list and press the Add button
  • select the desired permission level
  • click OK
In Outlook Client
  • open Outlook
  • note your Mailbox name ( above Inbox
  • right-click on your Mailbox name and select the Permissions tab.
  • select the Add button.
  • select the person you wish to give permission to from the address list and press the Add button.
  • press the OK button. 
  • click on the person's name and select the appropriate permissions from permission Level
  • click the OK
Setting Calendar Sharing
How do I Color Categorize Items?
Color Assignments
  • Go to calendar section
  • Click the View tab
  • Change View from Calendar to List
  • Arrange by Categories
  • then edited one item in each category
  • right click on the category and choose All categories
  • select the custom category name in the list (with no color & also noted as not in master category list)
  • click New
  • Assign Color
  • The color change was then applied to all items in that Calendar that had been assigned to that category


A Univeristy Email asking for my username and password, is that normal?
  • That is an example of a phishing attempt/scam
  • Please DO NOT provide your WSU username or password
  • WSU or CVM will NEVER send an email asking for your username or password
Where can I learn more about Office 365?

Microsoft offers Online guides for Office 365 and Microsoft Office applications.  For more available information, click below