O365 Distribution Lists

O365 Distribution lists

To manage the members of O365 distribution lists please use the following steps:

  • Go to https://apps.vetmed.wsu.edu/O365ListManager
  • Login using your WSU account.
  • A list of all the lists you manage will show up (if you believe you should be managing a list that is not showing up please contact us).
  • To view the members of a certain list please click on “Members”.
    • To add a new member to the list:
      • Click “Add New Member”.
      • Type the WSU email address of the member in the “Email” textbox and click submit.
      • If the email is not valid a message will show up.
      • If the member is added successfully, a list of all the members including the member you added will display.
    • To remove a member from the list:
      • Click the “Remove” button by the member name and email.
      • If the member is removed successfully, a list of all the members excluding the member you removed will display.
  • List Types: most lists are managed manually but there are few lists that will be automated, such as “CVM 2020 Pullman” student list.
    • Automated list will be driven by other systems (such as admissions and employees appointments).
    • You can add exceptions to automated lists by clicking "Exceptions" for the list.
    • There are two types of exceptions to automated list, add and remove.
      • The “Exception Type add” will add the member to the automated list when it sync with the data source.
      • The “Exception Type Remove” will remove the member from the automated list when it sync with the data source.
  • Notes:
    • Each list can have one or more managers who can add and remove members.
    • Currently we don’t have a finished tool to manage the managers of the lists (tool will be available in the near future). If you want to add or remove a manager of a list please contact us.