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Network Drives for Windows

H, J, K, and Other Drives over the Internet

Before You Can Access Your Vetmed Files

  • You must have a valid Vetmed Login name and password

note: (Class of 2022  and Above can ONLY use their account)

  • And have an active internet connection

To Set Up a Network Place

  • On your personal computer, right-click on the Windows Icon and go to "File Explorer"
  • Hover your cursor over "This PC" then Right Click
  • Click Add a Network Location
  • Click Next
  • Click Choose a custom network location and copy the link from the drive you want below, click Next.
  • Log in using your VETMED credentials. You MUST specify the domain in the username like the following:


note: (Class of 2022 and Above can ONLY use to log in)

  • Give the network location an appropriate name and click Next
  • Click Finish

Override File Limitation

There is a file size limit built into windows for files that you can open over the network.  This can be overridden.  If it is overridden we suggest you don’t try and open any files from the network but instead copy them to the laptop and then open them, copying them back when you are done for safe keeping.  

  • Access the registry by opening the Run Command and type:  regedit
  • when in registry navigate to: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameters
  • Modify "FileSizeLimitInBytes" and set to decimal value of "4000000000"
  • This will increase the file size limit to the max of 4 GB.
  • Modify "FileAttributesLimitInBytes" and set to value in decimal of "1000000000"
  • This will increase the size of metadata allowed to 1GB
  • Close the registry, and restart your computer

Access Files Through Website Links

  • Each department has its own website for its employees' personal files, so locate your department in the left column and click on the link in the right column. If you set up a Network Place open the folders through My Network Places rather than these links, otherwise click the links and you will be able to download the files only
  • The organization within each department is given by that which is in parentheses
  • Upon clicking on your link it will ask you to log in.
    • Log in using your VETMED credentials. You MUST specify the domain in the username like the following:


note: Class of 2022 can ONLY use their to log in

  • All departments share the same address for their J drives, however only folders you can access are visible.