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Network Drives for Mac OS

H, J, K, and Other Drives over the Internet

Supported Systems

You will need Mac OS 10.6 or newer

Connecting to the Server

To connect to our server, you must have a valid Vetmed username and password. If you aren't sure whether you have a Vetmed username and password, call Technical Systems at 5-0101 or email

  • In Finder, click Go, and choose Connect to Server.
  • Under server address put this link:
  • You can either connect to the server immediately or click the + next to the address bar to add the server as a favorite.
  • You will be asked to enter your vetmed username and password. Make sure Registered User is selected and login with your vetmed credentials. 

Class of 2022 and Above MUST use their credentials

  • If more than one server name is shown, connect to the server named cvmdata.
  • A new drive will be mapped under Computer. Within it, you will see three folders:
    • Private - this folder contains your H drive. You will need to navigate through the file tree, choosing first your department, then your account name, to find it.
    • Shared - this is the J drive. Only folders to which you have access will be displayed. To manage shared folder permissions, click here.
    • Temporary - this is the K drive. Files placed here will be deleted after 15 days, and are accessible by anyone with a valid vetmed username and password.

For all three drives, you will only see those folders and files for which you have permission to view. If you cannot view a folder or file that you should be able to see, contact Technical Resource Group.

You Can Access Files Through Website Links

  • Each department has its own website for its employees' personal files, so locate your department in the left column and click on the link in the right column. You will be able to download the files only.
  • The organization within each department is given by that which is in parentheses
  • Upon clicking on your link it will ask you to log in.
    • Login using your vetmed credentials. You must specify the domain in the username like this:


note: Class of 2022 and Above MUST use their credentials

  • All departments share the same address for their J drives, however only folders you can access are visible.