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Network Drives

Vetmed H, J, and K

Using the Network Drives is the best way to store all Vetmed files. By placing data on the server users can have access to their Vetmed files anywhere with an internet connection. The drives are also backed up multiple times a day and files on them can be restored using Shadow Copy. There are specific drives for certain departments, but the three most commonly used drives are the H, J, and K drives.

The H Drive

For storing personal files theres the H drive. Only the user and server administrators can read, write, and modify files saved here.

The J Drive

Files and folders shared between users are saved on the J drive. By placing your data on the server you can allow other people you specify to have access to your files. You can create a new shared folder by filing a request on our website. You can also manage folders over which you have administrative access.

The K Drive

For quick temporary file storage and transfers the K drive may be utilized. Every Vetmed member has full access to files on the K drive, as well as read-only access for users with a WSU username and password. Files placed on the K drive are automatically deleted 15 days after they're placed on the server.