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Password Rules and Regulations

Changes to Vetmed Password Rules

In compliance with requirements of the Washington State Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) office, password criteria is changing from a minimum of 10 to a minimum of 15 characters beginning Thursday, March 25. 


The updated password requirements will be as follows:  
  • At least 15 characters  
  • A lowercase letter  
  • An uppercase letter  
  • A number  
  • A symbol  
  • No parts of your username  
  • Does not include your first name  
  • Does not include your last name  
  • Your password cannot be any of your last 24 passwords  
  • At least 1 day(s) must have elapsed since you last changed your password
  • Uppercase letters: A-Z
  • Lowecase letters: a-z
  • Numerals: 0-9
  • Symbol/Special characters: !@#$%^&*().?
Helpful Tips:
  • Spacebar can be helpful when creating memorable phrases but should never be the first or last character
  • Other keyboard characters may be used: Angle Brackets, Quotation marks, and colons are among them. However, the behavior of these items can be erratic and should be used with caution.
  • Not consist of only a single complete dictionary word 7 characters or longer (spelled forwards of in reverse i.e "esrever"), but may include short dictionary words (6 characters or less) within it.
  • Not be a common keyboard sequence such as qwerty, 123123, abcabc, etc.