Online Tutorials

Using the Conference Room

These instructions are for the WADDL conference room in Bustad Hall.

Starting a Presentation

Turn on the plasma screen TV screens with the remote. Press the "TV" button, then press "TV’S ON" on the remote’s touch screen.

Choose the input you wish to display on the TV screens. To cycle through the various computer inputs, press "Channel +." These inputs are:

  • RGB / PC1: Wireless Presentation Device
  • RGB / PC2: Laptop
  • RGB / PC3: Conference Room Computer

You may also use the two video inputs in the table, both the SVideo input and the RCA video input. To cycle through these inputs, press "Channel -." These inputs are:

  • Video 1:
  • Video 2: RCA video input
  • Video 3: S-Video input

The table’s panel also has a 1/8" jack for microphones, should you require one.

Using the Conference Room Computer

The conference room computer functions much like any ordinary lab computer on campus. It has network access and allows you to log in to your account as normal. The room is equipped with a wireless keyboard, mouse, and handheld presentation control for use with this computer.

Because the conference room computer is connected to the network, you can put files on its hard drive remotely to prepare for a presentation. From another computer, click the start menu, then "Run..." and type \\cl-bu155c-a\Shared. You may move any files you need for a presentation into this folder. To access them once you’re in the conference room, navigate to C:/Shared.

Using a Physically Connected Laptop

If you will use a laptop to deliver your presentation, plug your laptop’s power cord into the outlet in the table and connect a VGA cable from your laptop to the corresponding input in the table. You may also wish to connect your laptop’s network card to the port labeled "Ethernet." Boot up the laptop and change the channel on the plasma screens to "RGB/PC2" by pressing "Channel +" on the remote.

Unless your laptop’s screen is in widescreen (16:9) resolution, you’ll need to change the screen’s resolution to match the dimensions of the TV screens. Start by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing "Properties." Under the tab labeled "Settings," adjust the screen resolution bar to a widescreen resolution. 1280 x 720 is a good choice, as is any setting in a 16:9 ratio. Click "Apply" and confirm that you’d like to keep these settings. Then click "OK."

Using a Laptop with Wireless Presentation Software

If your laptop has a network card using Wireless-G technology, you can deliver presentations without the need to connect the laptop at all. First, though, you must install the presentation software on your laptop. While your laptop is connected to the vetmed network, click the start menu, then click "Run..." and type \\\Shared. Open the folder named "Wireless Presentation Software" and double-click "Setup." Follow the on-screen instructions to install the presentation software on your laptop. Once you’ve completed these steps, contact Kurt Westensee at 5-2113 for further instructions.