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Installing Commonly Used Apps/Software

Install Using Software Center on your computer:

Access Software Center from the Start Menu under Microsoft System Center
When Software Center opens, you will see a list of available software under the Available Software tab
      Note: you may select only one you need(ex. Google Chrome) at a time then click install
The Installation Status tab will show the progress of the application being installed
The application will install silently
Correctly installed software will show under the Installed Software tab

If the Software Center is loading blank, SCCM needs a Refresh.  Do the following:

While still logged in on your computer, Go to the Control Panel
Click on Configuration Manager

Select Actions tab in Configuration Manager Properties screen

On the Actions tab, highlight Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle and select the Run Now button

Repeat the last step with Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle.  

      Note:  it does not matter in which order you select and run the above options.

Select OK to close the Configuration Manager screen

The refresh process may take a minute or two and there will be no notification, applications/software will be displayed upon completion.